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The PlayHost Project

The game for entrepreneurs of Hospitality and Tourism

Tourism plays a major role in creating growth, jobs, and also in promoting regional development. It is one of the biggest and expanding European economic sectors.

The Hospitality and restaurants play a major role in tourism. The PLAYHOST project directly addresses to the labour market needs and to the economic demands by promoting the creation of new job posts and businesses. In many centres providing VET in hospitality, the training of entrepreneurship is missing, or it is taught in a very theoretical way.

The PLAYHOST project wants to offer to the students of hospitality and any adult with similar needs a practical tool helping them in the creation of their new business.

This is a Leonardo project Transfer Of Innovation of 24 months from 01/10/10 to 30/09/12

The main objective

The PLAYHOST project main objective is the transference of a general entrepreneur’s game into the specific sector of hospitality and restaurant management.

The original game ended in 2004, therefore the technology -although good in its conception and methodology- needs to be upgrade and the content of the game requires specialization in the professional sector of hospitality and restaurant management.

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